All these things that I’ve done – a cheeky piece of cross-posting/plugging

You likey this blog, hey? You wanna hear more about the best slides and paddling pools within easy reach of the SE11 area? Well, why not check out this article I’ve written on the links between a dodgy Nigerian pastor and the Evangelical Church of the mid-90s? here

It’s easily the most serious thing I’ve written on the interweb for a long time. And curiously specific. If that’s not your cup of tea (and Christians do love their tea), then maybe you’d fancy some of my spoof articles on Some child-related, some not…
Google named as third party in divorce settlement
Service sector workers to be given new performance targets
British Government Running Out of Things to Declare War On
Cameron admits advisor appointment was a “disastrous decision”
Milkoholism “on rise” among young people

and !TOO HOT FOR TV! the one that didn’t make it onto thespoof for being too controversial – CBeebies Presenter in sweary tirade shocker

Phew! That feels better….glad to have got it out of my system. Promise I won’t do that again anytime soon….

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