Some housekeeping…..

No, not in the actually tidying my house sense. Well, I wiped a few surfaces in the bathroom earlier. Does that count? Anyway, it was blog-verse housekeeping I was referring to. You may now notice that I have tagged and categorized all my posts – in my usual inconsistent way, swinging freely between singular and plural forms (like those baby books that alternate between “he” and “she”….I find it a little unnerving). You can now search for posts under such enticing categories as “Creating precious childhood memories or something” and “Token attempts at culture”. Enjoy!

Oh, and I also updated my Google Map. I really do spoil you people.

(Or maybe I was bored cause I’m rewatching a film that I partly watched last night but mostly slept through. So I feel like I’m watching it twice in two days without the benefit of actually knowing what happened)

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