Your London With a Toddler

IMG-20121221-02027This is Roo with his friend Luke, formerly a London Toddler, now a Harrogate Preschooler. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it…Anyway, it’s good to be friends, hey boys? And in that spirit, I’m inviting any random bloggers out there to come and be my friend. We too can cuddle outside Brixton coffee shops. In a virtual sense, obviously…

So, this is….My First Linky! Woohooo! I’d like to hear about YOUR London with a toddler experiences…or your London experiences without a toddler…or your toddler experiences without a London.

To recap – do you have a blog post that is:

a) Londony ?

b) Toddlery ?

c) Both ?

Post them here! Go on, don’t leave it looking empty….

When you’re done, just post on twitter/facebook to say you’ve linked up here and hopefully we’ll all get ourselves some lovely traffic. And I may even learn something new.

Note: if, like me, you are of the baby-brained persuasion you may fail to notice that the list is a click away. I expected the list to magically appear here but no, the instructions say to click the link to view the list. So do that, pretty please!

Note#2: This didn’t quite work the way I hoped for, what with the list being somewhere else and WordPress not co-operating. So, here are the links shared by you lovely bloggers 🙂

1) Taste of London with a toddler

2) Heathrow Terminal 5 – Airplanes! Buses! Pods!

3) For the girl:Bad Santa

4) For the girl: The baby and the backpack

5) Neds Noodle bar – it’s been too long

6) Oxo bar with kids

7) The Best Laid Plans…

8) Pigeons!!! (and the London Transport Museum)

9) The Country Mice go to London

10) The poo in the pool – taking baby for a swim!

11) The Science Museum with a toddler

12) How to travel by London transport with a baby

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3 Responses to Your London With a Toddler

  1. Woo! I’ve linked 🙂

  2. Finally added mine! Love this idea for a linky, thanks for hosting. Will be reading everything on the list shortly.

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