Where to live in London with a toddler pt 7 – Battersea

IMG-20130308-02656Battersea is at the heart of what’s known as “Nappy Valley”. There are bugaboos everywhere. It’s mostly affluent, although it’s funny that the two things it’s best known for are a derelict industrial building and a refuge for stray animals. It’ s long and thin, with no particular centre and is home to shops that you just don’t find anywhere else, like “The Glass Shop” and “DoorWorld”. Sadly, “DoorWorld” is not as exciting as it sounds.

So, what is there to do there?

Battersea Park is lovely, and one of my favourite parks in London. It has a small children’s zoo and a massive boating lake. It might also be where the cycling scene in “The Great Muppet Caper” was filmed, but don’t quote me on that. There’s also the Latchmere Leisure Centre, with swimming and soft play and the very lovely play cafe Eat Play Love. You can see why so many families flock there.

Connections to Central London

Overland to Victoria and Waterloo

Night buses N19 and N44


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