A 2013 Padding Pool Special

DSC03050Yes, that’s Eva – toddler extraordinaire, at Brockwell Park water play this morning. Which was mostly functioning, unlike last Monday when it was dry as the proverbial bone. Should you find yourself in a parched pool, here’s an updated list of wet play areas, with 6 areas I’ve been to since last year’s list. Pack swimwear, or suffer the consequences….

1) Diana Memorial Playground

DSC01761Actually only has a small water play area, but a fab place to hang out for the day with its giant pirate ship and sandpit.

2) Ruskin Park

IMG-20120904-01098Paddle South London style – next to a train line. Also has an ice cream stall.

3) Victoria Tower Gardens


Water play in the heart of Touristville? Seems too good to be true, but there is a new water feature in the freshly-developed playground

4) Ladywell Fields

DSC02463There aren’t many rivers in London you can dip into, but this one in Lewisham is clear and shallow. Perfect for paddling and Poohsticks.

5) Lloyd Park

DSC01871Another wet play area that’s opened since last summer – this East London spot has a potent sand and water combination area. Bring wetwipes galore.

6) Clapham Common


A simple, old-school paddling pool very near the tube. Very big and popular.

And just for fun, here’s my updated Sandpits and Paddling Pools Google Map!

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6 Responses to A 2013 Padding Pool Special

  1. mariamadeit says:

    Loving the map! Here’s a fab tip for the sand/ water combo… Talcum powder, chuck it on them, quick rub, good to go… No idea where I got it from but it really works.

  2. Vicky says:

    People are asking about Streatham common paddling pool, do you plan to review it soon?

  3. Sarah Malik says:

    I love your map, thats fab!

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