A Look of Terror Ahead of Blogfest’13!

roo adjusted2jpgThis morning before school, I asked Reuben to show me his “look of terror”. We had quite the photoshoot, and a lot of them were blurry while the few clear ones ranged from “uninterested” (above) to “happy”:

roo adjustedBut in the end, we had a winner. Asked to imagine a herd of dinosaurs chasing him, he flailed about and hid behind a cushion. But asked to imagine mild apprehension gave us this:

roo adjusted3jpgSo, why was I asking Reuben to enact “terror” when he was clearly trying to concentrate on CBeebies? Well, because “terror” is the exact feeling I’m feeling whenever I remember where I’m going tomorrow….Mumsnet Blogfest’13!

It’s a blogging conference for bloggers and it’s my first ever blogging event. There’s no-one else going that I know in real life, and I’m envisaging rooms full of snarky mothers swearing at me and telling me IABU (I’ve been lurking on a certain area of Mumsnet a lot lately…it’s my guilty pleasure at bedtime). These theoretical bloggers will all have super-high heels, super-skinny jeans and every one of them will be wearing the Mumsnet scarf.

Yes, I’m petrified.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re going to, take pity on me and come and say hello. I’ve just dyed my hair bright red and I’ll be wearing a silver spangly jumper. I’ll probably also be clinging onto my phone for dear life, tweeting updates every two minutes using #blogfest and trying to talk to Jo Brand because I sometimes get confused with celebrities and think I know them.

Anyone else feel the same?!


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1 Response to A Look of Terror Ahead of Blogfest’13!

  1. Oh I feel the same! This will be my first ever blogging event too. I know 1 other person going and she knows loads of people so I can’t even hide with her! I’ll be the ridiculously tall woman with the curly/frizzy blondish hair, not actually sure yet what I will be wearing – may need to start thinking about that then…

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