Answers to your questions…

I thought I’d put this on a separate page, to save confusion…
Here goes!

Maria from Kyiv asks: “We will be coming back to London in Nov, we had a baby in London for about four days before we left so not really done anything, what would you recommend doing in the week, in the run up to Xmas, not too far and nothing that is going to be too full of people…?”

LWAT answers: “There’s always something on at the Southbank, and around Christmas time there’s usually a carousel (does a quick google search and confirms, yes there’s a Christmas market! more info here). Atmosphere-wise, the Southbank kicks the arse of Winter Wonderland, which is verrry overcrowded.  Skating at Somerset House is very Christmassy – not necessarily suitable for babies/toddlers, but it’s free to get in, so you can go and watch the skaters and have a hot chocolate. Covent Garden always feels Christmassy, but again it gets very crowded. One of the best things we did last Christmas was to go our local and hear a brass band playing Christmas carols. Pop up our way and you can come too!”

Nathan from London asks: “Is it true that you know every bus route in London?”

LWAT answers: “Yes. Now get the rest of those beans down the boy before bathtime.”

Annette asks: “Hi there. My Mums group and I are looking to start a monthly trip to London with our littlies (all around 14mths old). Any suggestions of fun places to take them, that won’t break the bank? Not having much luck finding stuff to do online!”

LWAT answers: “Hi Annette, thanks for the question. I’m on my eccentric BlackBerry right now (and my equally eccentric daughter is refusing to sleep), so apologies for the brief answer and lack of links…but my no 1 idea would be the toddler area at the Science Museum. There’s lots of sensory stuff for littlies, and water play and giant bricks if they’re walking. I’m sure we took Roo there at around 18 months and he loved it. Corams Fields is good for all ages (first trip there was on his first birthday), but that might be a bit seasonal. Museum of Childhood is also good for just-walkers who want to have a runaround. And for a cup of tea or just a sit-down, you can’t beat the Royal Festival Hall (my son learnt to crawl up stairs there). Hope that helps!”


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