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Defaming Mr Tumble

Disclaimer: This article is obviously a spoof and so there’s no reason for anyone at CBeebies to sue me even a little bit. It’s two years old so some of you might have seen it before but I’m sharing it … Continue reading

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Nominees for “London’s Most Toddler-Friendly Cafe” Award!

So here it is, the shortlist that some of you have been waiting for… Voting starts NOW! Winner will be announced on Nov 1st. In no particular order, the nominees are… Beanies, Croydon Nearest Station: East Croydon (National Rail) Special … Continue reading

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The Dish and the Spoon -20/09/13

Once again I’m blogging to you from the hour beyond midnight, where I’ve given up on any immediate sleepy notions and plonked my toddler in front of some strange gibbering creatures. And by a remarkable coincidence, a strange gibbering creature … Continue reading

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Does The Right to Breastfeed Anywhere Mean You Should Breastfeed Anywhere?

Today I found myself in the uncomfortable position of siding with the Daily Mail on something. It wasn’t a good feeling and I hope it won’t happen again. It was the fault of some strangers on the internet – we … Continue reading

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LolliBop Winner Revealed!! And ComicCon With a Toddler

It’s the news that at least some of you have been waiting for….the winner of the LolliBop competition. And this time, to stop the winners name annoyingly appearing in the preview text, I’m going to tell you what we’re up … Continue reading

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Where to live in London with a toddler pt 7 – Battersea

Battersea is at the heart of what’s known as “Nappy Valley”. There are bugaboos everywhere. It’s mostly affluent, although it’s funny that the two things it’s best known for are a derelict industrial building and a refuge for stray animals. … Continue reading

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Where to live in London with a toddler pt 6 – Greenwich and Blackheath

I may have described Greenwich as the countryside in the past and I stick by that. It’s very nice, pretty expensive and unsurprisingly has lots of families about the place. Nearby Blackheath has a village-y feel and by saying that, … Continue reading

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Why are TfL pitting parents against wheelchair users?

An argument on FaceBook yesterday made me realise – I have to wade into this whole “Buggy space vs Wheelchair space” debate thing. When it came on FaceBook, posted by someone who is neither a parent nor disabled, my first … Continue reading

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Vauxhall, today

     For once I’m not going to say much. London is once again getting on with its life – the buses are running again, the shops and bars are open. There isn’t the same sense of fear there was … Continue reading

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Your London With a Toddler

This is Roo with his friend Luke, formerly a London Toddler, now a Harrogate Preschooler. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it…Anyway, it’s good to be friends, hey boys? And in that spirit, I’m inviting any random bloggers out … Continue reading

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