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Things to do in London over the Easter Holidays

Blimey, that was a short half-term, wasn’t it? Easter hols are suddenly on us and with them two weeks of preschooler-boredom to fill. Still, there’s lots out there to do and we intend to do some of it. As should … Continue reading

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100 things to do with a toddler in London

Well, this is quite a moment. In case you hadn’t realised, this is my 100th post. Most blogs I’ve started have stalled around post#11, so this is quite an achievement. Thanks to everyone who’s come along for the ride so … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Adventure – An LWAT field trip

Norfolk. Very flat. But there are dinosaurs there. We went on holiday! To Norfolk! It wasn’t actually flat at all, especially not the Neanderthal walk at Dinosaur Adventure. But we’ll get there later. Let’s begin at the beginning. Dinosaur Adventure … Continue reading

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Battersea Park Children’s Zoo – 03/06/11

So, as you can see from the state of the boy in the photo above, it was an insanely hot day when we visited. And don’t be misled by his t-shirt and shorts – there are neither lions nor dinosaurs … Continue reading

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