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Northern Highlights – 14/09/13

One of the very many criticisms levelled at this blog is that it’s too South London centric. Cause I live in South London and hang out here quite a lot, the Google map ends up looking a bit bottom-heavy. Like … Continue reading

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The Great North(ern Line) Run – LWAT is 2! And 200!

This Toddler blog is 2 today It was 2 this morning And so we sing, and do silly things Like race down the Northern Line (to the tune of “Little Bo Peep”, aka “The Ethelred Birthday Song”) It is time, … Continue reading

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Get Ready For….The Great North(ern Line) Run

So, tension is heightening….it’s almost time for the Great North(ern Line) Run!  Fro those not in the know, it’s LWAT’s 2nd birthday, so we are choosing something in London that has TWO branches and splitting into TWO teams of TWO. … Continue reading

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Why are TfL pitting parents against wheelchair users?

An argument on FaceBook yesterday made me realise – I have to wade into this whole “Buggy space vs Wheelchair space” debate thing. When it came on FaceBook, posted by someone who is neither a parent nor disabled, my first … Continue reading

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Brooklands Museum – 09/03/13

Now, this really stretches the bounds of what you could describe as “London”. It’s on the cusp of non-London land, but it’s this side of the M25 so it counts. It’s Adventures With Gravel turf, but I was meeting Gravel’s … Continue reading

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Guards and cupcakes – 25/01/13

Do you sometimes feel like the Universe is trying to tell you something? I felt like that this morning. I was reading a blog post by Slummy Single Mummy, which featured a picture of a rainbow cake. Minutes earlier I … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Bus Etiquette

Cause some people out there need it. I’ve touched on it before (here and here), but it seems like some of the 7 million Londoners are still unsure about it. Let’s go: 1) Whoever gets to the bus stop first … Continue reading

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Slinging London

When I posted on the Mumsnet Bloggers’ Forum for advice on this blog (yknow, the whole not really having a toddler thing), someone suggested that I should just blog about my daily life and the coffee shops and markets I … Continue reading

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Getting around London with a toddler

So, you may be reading this blog and thinking “Why Katese11 (for that is my real name), it’s all very well recommending all these lovely places to take my toddler but how the heckatty do you actually get to any … Continue reading

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London Transport Museum – 07/08/11

Yeh! We did it! (As Roo would say). After a looong time of talking about it, we finally got round to going to the London Transport Museum. I was put off by the price for ages (£13.50 per adult) but … Continue reading

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